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These two games have quite a following across the globe, and are for sure great games in their own right. A lot have been asking and confusing the two, but there are inherent differences. Here are a few points of comparison:

  • DOTA resets your single character every time you play, while WOW is an exploration game that hinges on getting to know the world you’re playing in and leveling. In DOTA, you play with 5 other players and each games lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • WOW is a game of time and items. The longer you play and the more items you have, the stronger you have and the more you collect items in your arsenal. DOTA, on the other hand, is a game of strategy and skill. In DOTA, players fight and die so fast that the team who plays with the best strategy wins.
  • WOW is the better game to play if you want an immersive game and getting to explore different worlds and having adventures. It is also great in building your character and connecting with different players around the world. DOTA makes you start from scratch at every game and is good for those who prefer a competitive game.
  • WOW is an expansive game where you have to build your world around you. It’s much like real life, and you get attached to your character and the game world comes alive. DOTA is a little like a micro-WOW, where you get to choose pre-set characters and play them for short bursts of time.
  • DOTA is not for casual players, as it requires skill to for it to be worthwhile. You can get wiped out of the game if you don’t have enough skill, so it requires a lot of effort and practice. WOW is more beginner-friendly and allows you time to improve and build your character in order to be stronger and more competitive.

The fundamental difference between the two games is that DOTA is a combat game that focuses on strategy whilst WOW is an exploration game that builds and connects players. It all boils down to what kind of experience you are looking for in a game.



There has been some serious debate online about which game is better – World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2? Fans from both camps insist it is theirs, there are serious points to consider when comparing both games.

  • WOW has some serious following and hardcore players. People have been known to get addicted in the game. Its lore is rich and the draw of the world is so rich, you think about it even after you log out. GW2, however, is more casual and subtle. It has hardcore players as well, but not quite as hooked as WOW players are.
  • GW2 has some personal quests and dynamic events, while WOW has more traditional quests with better imo.
  • You got noticeable leveling in WOW as you level up and you can solo dungeons. In GW2, however, it is difficult to go solo in dungeons unless you have enough skill. Progressionis also scaled back in GW2 in lower areas.
  • WOW graphics shows how old it is, whilst GW2 has some of the most beautiful graphics in games today.
  • Combat is fast and fluid in GW2 whilst the game takes on a slower pace in WOW.
  • There are more places to explore in WOW, whilst GW2 is more exclusive and contained.
  • WOW requires a monthly subscription whereas GW2 is only a onetime purchase.

Overall, there are fundamental differences between the two and most of GW2’s enthusiasts were former WOW players that still crossover from time to time. GW2 is sure a better option for PvP but WOW’s PvE is still by far the best, in my personal opinion. Nothing beats the richness of the lore of World of Warcraft, and this just makes the gaming experience so much more than the combat scenes. However, as I’ve said before and will say again, it all boils down to personal preference and what gaming experience you are on the lookout for.


GETTING STARTED: A Newbie’s Guide to World of Warcraft

Welcome to Azeroth!

If you are a beginner who wants to discover all the Azeroth has for you, then you’ve come to the wright place. This guide will help you being your journey and tell you all you need to know to set out into the world of Azeroth.


Pick a realm you want to play in. This determines the kind of game you will engage. Normal is you against the environment, which is good for beginners. The other servers are PVP (player vs player), RP (role playing version of the Normal realm), and RP-PVP (role playing version of the player vs player realm).


To create a character, pick a faction; this will determine what races you can choose from. There are two factions: first, the Alliance, dedicated to nobility and honor; and the Horde, rejected creatures that fight for their rights in Azeroth. Next, choose a race, which is what your character will look like. Next, choose a class, which will determine your character’s abilities.


Once you begin your journey, your character will be immersed in the character’s origin and there you will find yourself in the middle of a story.


Put your left hand over the WASD keys. The letters move your character, and the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 trigger your character’s abilities. The mouse can be used to target when you left-click, and interact with you right-click NPCs. Use the mouse wheel to zom in and out.

So, having created your character and begun you journey in Azeroth, you are well on your way to becoming one of Azeroth’s legends! Read on to my other articles to discover more about the World of Warcraft. See you around, hero!



So now that you’ve made a character and explored a little bit, let’s get you out and abuo in this new world. What better way to orient yourself and have fun than embarking on a quest? Here’s how:


In the game, you will see a lot of other characters around you. Some of them ill have a yellow “!” above their heads. This means that they have something they need help from you with – a quest! Right-click the character to interact with them, and a couple of quests will be shown. Click accept and it will show up on your character’s log. You are now part of a quest!


The key M will show you your map, and the highlighted portions are areas where there is a quest objective you can do. By clicking the highlighted area, a compass will be given to you on the screen which tells you where to go to accomplish the objective of your quest. Quest-relevant regions will be highlighted as well. You may undertake several quests at the same time, and some will have a time limit. Just make sure you turn in your quest in time!


Once you’ve done all the quest objectives, you are now ready to turn in your quest. Most of the time, you will have to see the character that enlisted you in the quest. Click your Quest Log to see instructions about where and how to turn it in. You will be given information about your quest and specific instructions. Sometimes, turning in your quest requires you to go to new worlds and more adventures!

That’s it! Look at you, you’re getting good at this! There are a lot of opportunities in Azeroth to interact with other players and go on adventures with your character. Embark on new and more quests and find out more about this exciting new world!



So, you’ve experimented on your own, gotten successful in your quests and had a lot of fun! Now, let’s get you into a something that requires a group to accomplish – the dungeons. This is a great way to get to know your fellow players, win epic rewards, and beat an ancient evil in the world of Azeroth. Here’s how:


Once you’ve reached level 15, you can already access the Dungeon Finder. This is the best way to find dungeons and get into them. You can queue up to dungeons, and the Dungeon Finder will group you with other players also queueing up for the same dungeon. They will match you, and once grouped, drop you right into the dungeon. How exciting!


There are a maximum of 5 players per group. You’ll have one Tank, one Healer, and three Damage Dealers in the team. The Tank’s job is to focus the monster’s blows to himself, while the Healer heals him. The Damage Dealer’s task is to strategically kill the monster as fast as they can manage.


Bosses are monsters that are way more dangerous and difficult to kill than most of your enemies out in the field. They take a whole new level of teamwork and strategy to beat. Critical thinking is essential and you must communicate with your team efficiently to beat them. Great rewards await you and your team once you’ve beaten them, though, as they tend to drop the best loot.

Dungeons require teamwork, so you better be prepared to work with the other players to succeed. If you are not quite confident with your skills yet, be sure to practice more as some players are not very patient and will kick you out if you weigh the team down. As in any venture you undertake, practice and patience makes wonders!